Monday, April 19, 2010

Body Image Blog Carnival Wrap-Up

For the past week (April 12-18th) I co-hosted a "Body Image Blog Carnival" with Melodie from Breastfeeding Moms Unite! We had tons of great posts written by fabulous women who really shared their heart on this topic. But sadly, our Body Image Carnival has come to an end. I really enjoyed reading all of the great submissions. For one thing, it made me really feel like I'm part of a community (or at least an e-community!) full of women who, just like me, have insecurities and flaws, but are learning to love their bodies anyway. We tried to split it up into small chunks so it'd be possible to read all the featured posts each day, but just in case you missed any of the great posts, here's a complete listing of all the posts we featured. Any link that doesn't say where it leads goes to either Melodie's site or mine! Enjoy, and thanks again to all the participants, especially the lovely ladies who submitted posts and to Melodie for all her hard work!

How Breastfeeding Can Change Our Body Image

Less Breast at Momthings and the Snoot

BFAR, Breasts and Body Image at Pocket Buddha

Big B, Little B at Code Name Mama

Commentaries on New Study Breast Ptosis: Causes and Cure

Sagging Breasts? What's to Blame? at PhD in Parenting

Saggy Boobs and Nursing at Chronicles of a Nursing Mom

The Skinny on Being Skinny

You Can Never Tell About Anyone Just By Looking a guest post at Breastfeeding Moms Unite!

Too Thin? at Schmoopy Baby

She's Way Too Skinny at Step Up and Stand Out...For Real!

Extra Curves at Breastfeeding Momma

Weight Loss Surgery: My Ball and Chain at Cream of Mommy Soup

Who Am I?

Hello, I'm a Dancer at Hobo Mama

Learning From My Daughter at Living Peacefully With Children

Body Image at One Starry Night

The Goddess at Mother Flippin'

Body Image and Culture

"Mom Jeans" and the Curse of MILF at Tis Worthwhile

You Look Great at Lil' Snowflakes

The Body Image Carnival at Authentic Parenting

Happy to be Female at Breeder Brain

How Can I Avoid Beauty Obsession? at Breastfeeding Moms Unite

Sexy Moms

What is Sexy at The Bee in Your Bonnet

VII - Happily Ever After The End Part or LUCKY at Honest To Betsy

My Body - A Critical Look at Keeping Mum Sane

Making Peace

Making Peace at

Embarrassed by My Leg at Kim Through The Looking Glass

How Pregnancy Changed My Body at The Mahogany Way

Baby Body at Motherhood Saved My Life

Making Peace With My Body at Momopoly

Pregnancy Loss and Femininity at The Verve Path

Beach Body at DesignHER Momma

Three Practices for Loving The Skin You're In at Baby Dust Diaries

Cesarean Sections

What To Expect of Your Body After a C-Section

Eating Disorders

NEDA Walk Invitation guest post at Maman A Droit

Product Reviews

Bravado Bliss Nursing Bra

MENYKA Nursing and Maternity Wear

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  1. thanks for putting them all in a list! I am going to slowly go through them all :)


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