Thursday, July 8, 2010

Alternative ABC's Review

We were lucky enough to have the opportunity to review Alternative ABC's from AMMO Books, and here's what we thought.

What it is:
An alphabet board book featuring cool words and art from "alternative" lifestyles, like street and skate style, green living, and even yoga! All of the art in the book is from the 13th floor design firm, who’ve done work for everyone from Quiksilver and Oakley to Mattel and Disney.

Publication info:
Published by AMMO (American Modern) Books, a publisher specializing in provocative, one-of-a-kind books, especially on visual arts and pop culture.

First Impressions:
I was immediately impressed by the vivid colors and smooth artwork in the book. Baby seemed equally interested in the eye-catching pictures.

General Impressions:
The artwork in this book is awesome. It’s surprisingly sophisticated while still child-like and fun. There was never a page that I wondered why they chose the artwork they ended up with to match that particular word. And I love that each letter gets a full two-page spread, so there’s plenty of room to have great art and a nice big letter to help the kiddos learn them (it's easy to get so distracted admiring this book as a piece of artwork that you forget that the actual point it to teach kids letter-or maybe it's both?)

My biggest concern is that the unusual words might be confusing for babies. If you are still learning the words "shoe" and "car", throwing "k is for kicks" and "l is for lowrider" into the mix might not help matters. However, for a pre-schooler who already has basic words down, the hipster vocab may tickle their funny bone.

I think this book would be an especially fun shower present for a mama-to-be who isn’t the pastel-colored-baby-animals type, or of course for anyone who participates in, watches or talks about activities featured in the book but ignored by most pre-school literature, like dirt bike racing or yoga!


  • Unique art
  • Bold, colorful style
  • Includes words from many popular lifestyles typically ignored by pre-school literature


  • Unusual words may be confusing to babies

The bottom line:
These books are cool-looking and very unique. I would especially recommend them for kids who are bored with traditional alphabet books, and as shower gifts for alternative parents.

Buy it:
Alternative ABC's is available directly from AMMO for $14.95 or from most major book retailers.

*This review is my honest opinion of the product and exclusively mine. I received a free book to review, but did not receive any monetary compensation. Every baby is unique and your family may have a slightly different experience than the one I just described.

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