Wednesday, July 14, 2010

First Flower

My baby picked a flower for me today. It was a sort of pathetic looking clover, and he plucked it right of with most of its stem, looked at me with his big blue eyes and grinned, and held the flower out towards me. "Thank you baby" I said. "I'll keep it forever."

It is currently being pressed beneath a stack of Hubby's books. I think I'll make a bookmark out of it.

Good day.


  1. Aw! That is so sweet. Making a bookmark out of it is such a special idea too. Good for you for thinking of it.

  2. Oh, the sweetness! So glad you're pressing it.

  3. How cute! Just wait another few months you will have so many flowers you won't know what to do with them! This is my kids' favorite thing to do! I never thought of pressing them!


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