Tuesday, July 19, 2011

New Blog!!

I decided to change my blog and Twitter name to something more reflective of who I am, so I'll soon be shutting this blog down and switching over to http://www.crunchyconservativemommy.blogspot.com/ and will be changing my Twitter name to @CrunchyConMommy. I think the new name is much more "me" and it's definitely easier to spell and say. I hope you'll join me at my new blog! (If you are a Twitter follower you shouldn't have to do anything, except once I make the change, send any future replies or DM's to my new name rather than the old one!) Also, when I comment on your blogs now it'll show that Crunchy Con Mommy commented. When that happens, you'll know it was me!


  1. It looks very nice, good luck with it. Will you post only on the new blog?

  2. Hello!

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